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Flower Box Manufacturing

Unlock the Elegance of Custom Flower Boxes

Flowers speak the language of love, celebrations, and sympathies with their delicate beauty and fragrance. As a box manufacturer, tailoring the perfect enclosure for these expressions becomes a pivotal task. Custom flower boxes not only serve as vessels for these beautiful blossoms but also act as ambassadors of your brand's finesse and commitment to quality. Crafting boxes from materials like paper, cardboard, velvet, metal, wood, plastic, and PVC, provides a multitude of packaging solutions that impeccably match the diverse needs and occasions of your clientele. With a proficiency in exporting globally, your crafted cases can carry nature's artistry to any corner of the world.

  • Durable Protection for Delicate Blooms
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition through Personalization
  • Versatile Material Use for Distinctive Presentation
  • Global Export Abilities to Broaden Market Reach

The Artistry Behind Crafting Superior Flower Boxes

When it comes to sending out a signal of elegance, the choice of material for your flower boxes speaks volumes. Have you ever deliberated over whether the royal texture of velvet could elevate your floral arrangements or if the classic charm of wood might better encapsulate the natural essence of your flowers? The selection process is as intricate as arranging the petals themselves, ensuring that every bloom delivered retains its majestic allure from your doorstep to the hands of the recipient.

Materials Matter: Select the Perfect Match for Floral Delights

Each material offers its unique touch to the presentation of your flower boxes. Whether aiming for an eco-friendly appeal with recyclable cardboard or providing a sturdy and luxurious presentation using metal casings, the choice can magnify the perceived value of your floral arrangements. Did you know that incorporating smart tech features such as QR codes for care instructions or virtual greeting messages can transform a conventional flower box into an immersive gifting experience?

Ensuring Quality in Every Bouquet

What factors contribute to the optimal preservation of flowers within a box?
Moisture-resistant linings and breathable designs crafted from quality materials such as coated paper or rigid PVC can significantly extend the life of encased flowers, keeping them vibrant and fresh during their journey. How does customization impact brand image in the floral industry?
Personalized branding on flower boxes is a direct reflection of your business's attention to detail and dedication to creating a memorable unboxing experience, often leading to higher customer retention and word-of-mouth advertising. Are there sustainable packaging options that still offer elegance and protection?
Indeed, utilizing biodegradable papers or repurposed natural fibers for flower boxes ensures environmental responsibility without compromising on the sophistication required for floral packaging. Can flower boxes be engineered for safe global transport?
Advanced designs with reinforced structures and climate adaptive materials permit safe transit, maintaining the integrity of floral arrangements across different climate zones and handling conditions.

In an era where presentation is just as crucial as the product, have you contemplated which material from our exquisite collection aligns best with your brand's legacy and your clients' expectations? The right flower box does more than carry blossoms; it conveys the story and emotion intertwined with every petal. Which material will be the storyteller for your floral masterpieces?

Empty rose boxes can be made of printed cardboard or transparent pvc. It can be produced as a minimum of 1000 pieces. Prices start from 10 TL. To get a net price, you need to specify the order amount and box type. Prices are given daily.

Flower boxes made of wood are very diverse. Mdf can be made from poplar wood or birch wood. Models such as mdf single rose box, framed poplar tree dried flower box can be made as models.

We can produce flower boxes as custom printed cardboard boxes. At least 1000 pieces are produced in wholesale. If you have a vector logo, it will be delivered within 5 days. Otherwise, we can do the graphic work for you. It is added to the production time.

1- Orchid (white orchids in special box.)
2- Lily
3- Daisy
4- Gardenia
5- Rose

In our flower box manufacture, we generally use high quality cardboard and rigid cardboard for cylinder boxes.
Cylinder flower box is a flower packaging with a special design that attracts attention with its cylindrical shape. It makes an elegant presentation for roses and is often preferred for special events or gifts.
Our cardboard flower boxes are produced in various sizes. Our standard sizes include small, medium and large options for flower arrangements. We can also accommodate requests for special sizes.
A single rose box is usually a box specially designed for the elegant presentation of a single rose. It may have a transparent window and is often used for gifting purposes.
Tasalama flower box is a box designed to provide a magnificent presentation of carefully arranged arrangements. It is especially used in celebrations such as corporate gifts, Valentine's Day, weddings, engagements or special events.
Fantasy flower box is a special box that stands out with its creative and eye-catching designs. It can be decorated with different shapes, patterns and colors, allowing you to present your flowers in a unique way. When you send us the image of a model you like, we can take out the mold and make production.
Yes, it is possible to customize our flower boxes. Depending on your wishes, we can add a logo, name or private message to your boxes. Thus, you can offer your customers a more special experience.
The tasalama flower box is usually ideal for the presentation of large and showy flowers. For example, large roses, lilies or orchid flowers can be wonderfully displayed with such boxes.
Yes, you can wholesale our flower boxes. You can contact us for more information about wholesale prices and order quantities.
We can deliver our flower boxes throughout Türkiye. We can provide safe shipping to the address you want through cargo companies.