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What is Hardcover gift boxes?

Boxes called Hardcover gift boxes are also known as "giftbox", "hard cover box", "magnet box", "cardboard box" among users. The Hardcover box is generally preferred for packaging luxury products. We can think of watches, jewelry, glass products, electronic products as luxury products. To give an example, the box we open with pleasure when we buy an iPhone is a "fantasy box".

The reason why the hard cover box is named is because it is made of hard cardboard. As a production method, quality cardboard and Hardcover gift box patterned papers or printed glossy paper are covered. Coating work on the cardboard is done with a special white adhesive. Printing that can be done on the paper on the outer surface of the box or gold-colored brand prints is important for a quality appearance.

After the paper is covered on the outside of the cardboard, the lid can be made with magnets or metal buckles, depending on the model of the box. In this case, it is also normal to be known as a magnetic box among the people. Magnetic boxes, i.e. tin boxes, are mostly made by hand. In some models, mass production machines can be used. Even in this case, the cost is high because different and high quality materials are used and handicraft is required at some point in the production process. Production processes are longer than other boxes.

Our fancy boxes are usually made of quality cardboard, velvet or rigid cardboard.
Our fancy boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as gift boxes, jewelry boxes, packaging for cosmetics or a luxury gift box for special events.
We produce fantasy boxes by hand. We obtain high quality products by using traditional techniques such as cutting, gluing, embellishing and polishing by our expert teams.
Yes, we have a professional design team to assist our customers in box design. We can cooperate with you to understand your needs and meet your wishes. We can provide extensive information about accessories, separators and box style.