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What is a baklava box?

Baklava box is a type of box specially produced for desserts with syrup. If it is a box to be produced from cardboard, the paper to be made into the box is first printed and the customer's design - logo is printed on the side that will remain outside the box. Then, mother-of-pearl cellophane is coated on the part that will remain on the inside of the box. Cellophane makes the box suitable for food contact. The main purpose of this cellophane is to ensure that the syrup in the baklava does not overflow or spill.

In addition to external printing, there are different printing options such as embossed and gilded printing according to the needs of the company that has the box made.

In the next step, the box is cut. It is prepared in packages of 1000 to be sorted after cutting.

Apart from the boxes made of paper, there are also baklava boxes made of metal, transparent acetate and wood.