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What is a separator?

The separators placed inside the boxes are the inner compartments used to separate the products in the box from each other and place them in an orderly manner. Separators are usually made of materials such as cardboard, cardboard, plastic or foam and facilitate the protection and transportation of the products inside the box.

Separators can be of different sizes and shapes and can be designed for various purposes. For example, foam separators can be used to separate fragile or delicate items inside the box. These separators prevent the products from colliding in the box and prevent them from being damaged.

In addition, cardboard or cardboard partitions can be used to place the products in the box in an orderly manner and to prevent the products from mixing with each other. These compartments keep the products in a fixed position, reducing the risk of damage during transportation or transportation. . These interior partitions added inside the box both ensure the protection of the products and provide an orderly presentation. In this way, it is possible to deliver quality and robust products to the customer by preventing the products in the boxes from being damaged.