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What is a box?

A box is a three-dimensional rectangular container used to store and/or transport items. Boxes are usually made of cardboard, wood, plastic, metal or other materials. It may also have lids and hinges for easy opening and closing. Boxes can be used to store a variety of items such as books, toys, clothing, food, tools, and other household items.

 Date of the box?
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The earliest evidence of a box comes from the Middle Eastern region of Mesopotamia in the early 4th millennium BC. It is believed that the box was used for storing and transporting food and other valuables. By the mid-2nd millennium BC, boxes were made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal and pottery. The use of boxes spread all over the world, and in the 19th century, boxes were mass produced from corrugated cardboard.

 The importance of the box in e-commerce?

The box is of great importance in e-commerce as it serves many purposes from storage to transportation to product promotion. Boxes can also be used to protect products during shipping and can be printed with logos and brand designs to improve customer experience. Boxes also play an important role in marketing campaigns as they are often used to showcase products and create an attractive visual presentation for retail stores. The use of boxes in the e-commerce industry is essential to ensure safe arrival of products, provide positive experiences to customers and protect the products inside.

About the largest box in the registry - The largest cardboard box | Guinness World Records

The largest corrugated cardboard box measures 28.90 x 22.05 x 18.11 m (94 ft 9.81 in x 72 ft 4.39 in x 59 ft 5.18 in) and Lotte Card Co. in Incheon, Korea on August 11, 2017. Ltd. Made by (Korea). .

 Produced in a factory in Incheon, the box was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lotte Card and was taken to a shopping mall for the official opening. The volume of the box was 18,436 cubic meters.

In which sectors is the box used?

Boxes are used in transportation, storage and transportation from retail and e-commerce to It is used in various sectors ranging from manufacturing to manufacturing. Boxes are also widely used to package and transport food products in grocery stores and supermarkets. Other sectors where boxes are used include the medical sector, automotive sector, construction sector and industrial sector. Boxes are also ideal for storing and transporting documents, electronic equipment, artwork, electronics, and clothing. Finally, in the hospitality industry, boxes are used for room service trays and the presentation of meals.

What materials can the box be made of?

Boxes It can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and fabric. Cardboard is the most commonly used material for making boxes; Corrugated cardboard is particularly popular due to its strength and lightweight structure. Depending on the desired purpose, other materials such as plastic, metal, glass and fabric can also be used to make boxes. For example, plastic boxes can be used to store food products or electronic parts due to their durability.

What should you pay attention to when making a box for a product?
< br>When making a box for a product, it is important to pay attention to the size, shape, material and durability of the box. The size should be large enough to accommodate the product and any necessary padding. The shape should also be taken into consideration – boxes can be rectangular, hexagonal, cuboid, etc. depending on what is being packaged. It can be done in various ways such as. The material must provide the necessary strength and protection for the item in the box. Finally, the durability of the box should be sufficient to protect the product from damage such as scratches, moisture and abrasion.

Box Manufacturing KnowledgebaseBox Manufacturing Knowledgebase

product's box can have a big impact on its sale for a number of reasons. First, it can be used as a marketing tool to attract the consumer and act as a "first look" at the product and its features. Additionally, a well-designed box can add credibility to a product and build trust, making it more attractive and desirable. Also, a box can serve to protect the contents of a product from damage or tampering, thus providing consumers with some level of assurance that they are receiving a quality product. Finally, an attractive box can be used to distinguish a product from its competitors, making it stand out on store shelves.
Yes, as the Box Factory, we can produce corrugated boxes in custom sizes.
We produce our products from corrugated cardboard material.
We can produce single-colored or multi-colored printed boxes with offset and silk screen printing options.
As the Box Factory, we can produce special corrugated boxes for many sectors such as electronics, textiles, toys and general transportation.
Yes, we can produce printed corrugated boxes. We can print the logo, text or designs you want on our boxes.
No, we do not have any stocked items. We manufacture all our products on special order.
We can produce our corrugated boxes from corrugated cardboard in different thicknesses, such as E-wave, B-wave, C-wave, BE Wave Micro Dopel, BC wave Dopel, ACB wave Triplex. We choose the appropriate thickness according to the need.
Our production time may vary depending on the dimensions and quantity of the order. We can usually deliver within 10 days on average.
The carrying capacity of our corrugated boxes varies depending on their size and material thickness. We can provide a safe carrying capacity to suit your needs.
Yes, minimum 1000 pieces for custom printed boxes. You can order any quantity of corrugated boxes.
Yes, our corrugated boxes are made from recyclable material. We follow an environmentally friendly production process and encourage recycling.
Our boxes are produced from cardboard, cardboard and coated materials. In addition, additional materials such as acetate and pvc are also used.
We produce cardboard boxes for many sectors such as food, electronic products, cake, flowers, cosmetics, toys and textiles.
We provide different sizes of cardboard boxes according to the needs of our customers. We can also produce in special sizes.
We offer various printing options such as offset printing, flexo printing and digital printing on our cardboard boxes. We can make customized prints according to the wishes of our customers.
Yes, we can make custom designed boxes. We can design boxes in accordance with our customers' requests and brand identities.
Of course, we are happy to meet your sample box requests. We can provide sample boxes to demonstrate the quality and suitability of our products.
You can customize your boxes with different sizes, colors, printing options, custom cuts and finishes. Our design team can realize the box designs you want in cooperation with you.
You can review our box models on our website or by visiting our company. In addition, our design team can offer you recommendations and help you determine the best cardboard box model for your needs.