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Express Your Creativity with a Variety of Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are important packaging materials used to transport, store and present products in various sectors. As one of Turkey's leading cardboard box manufacturers, our company, known as Kutu Factory, provides our customers with the opportunity to express their creativity and offer packaging solutions that suit their needs with its wide product range.

Products such as fast food boxes, hamburger boxes and pizza boxes that we produce for businesses operating in the fast food industry are designed to complement the presentation of delicious food in an impressive way. These boxes are produced in accordance with food safety standards and are made of durable cardboard material. It invites your customers to an impressive experience by ensuring that your brand attracts attention with its superior printing quality and customization options.

Our products such as baklava boxes, cake boxes and flower boxes, designed to preserve the elegance of dessert and patisserie products, are carefully produced to preserve the freshness of the products, minimize the risk of damage during transportation and provide aesthetic presentation. Standing out with their stylish and durable designs, these boxes allow elegant packaging of products that can be presented as gifts on special occasions.

Our other products such as blank boxes, cylindrical boxes, wooden boxes, PVC boxes and kraft boxes are produced to meet the needs of customers from different sectors. Designer boxes are ideal for the safe storage and presentation of valuable and elegant products, especially jewellery, watches and cosmetics. Cylinder boxes are used for transportation and storage of documents, posters and other rolled products, while wooden boxes provide a natural look in the presentation of exclusive and luxury products. While PVC boxes increase the visibility of products with their transparent and durable structure, kraft boxes offer an environmentally friendly and recyclable option.

As Box Factory, we produce in accordance with high quality standards. We offer our customers unique and original packaging solutions that reflect their brand identities by offering customization options that meet their wishes and expectations. In the production process, we prioritize quality by using durable cardboard material, strong adhesives and high-tech machines.

In addition to customers in Turkey, Box Factory serves many customers around the world by exporting. We prioritize customer satisfaction with high quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery policy.

As Box Factory, we offer you perfect solutions to express your creativity, transport your products safely and highlight your brand. You can take your business one step further by taking advantage of our various cardboard box options.

Cardboard Box Manufacturing KnowledgebaseCardboard Box Manufacturing Knowledgebase

product's box can have a big impact on its sale for a number of reasons. First, it can be used as a marketing tool to attract the consumer and act as a "first look" at the product and its features. Additionally, a well-designed box can add credibility to a product and build trust, making it more attractive and desirable. Also, a box can serve to protect the contents of a product from damage or tampering, thus providing consumers with some level of assurance that they are receiving a quality product. Finally, an attractive box can be used to distinguish a product from its competitors, making it stand out on store shelves.
Cake box size 0 180x180x95 mm (18x18x9,5 Cm)
Cake box size 1 220x220x110 mm (22x22x11 Cm)
Cake box size 2 260x260x110 mm (26x26x11 Cm)
Cake box size 3 280x280x110 mm (28x28x11 Cm)
If you need a small amount of boxes such as 50 - 100 pieces, you can buy ready-made cake boxes with standard prints such as "Enjoy Bon Appetit", packaged in 100 pieces, which are sold in packers. However, if your patisserie or cafe has your brand logo printed or you need boxes other than standard sizes, you can have at least 1000 pieces produced from a box manufacturer.
1- Baton cake box
2- Standard square cake boxes
3- PVC lidded cake boxes
4- Top opening cake boxes
5- Round shaped cake boxes
6- Slice cake boxes< br> 7- Transparent Cake Boxes
It is a piece of cardboard made of rigid cardboard, which can be printed on or coated with gold/silver cellophane. It helps to put it easily in the box when it is displayed in the showcase in the patisserie and when it is sold. This includes transporting it to the after-sales table during service. It should be used especially for large cake boxes. They are also used for slice cakes.
Cake Box No. 0  180x180x95 mm
Cake Box No.1 220x220x110 mm
Cake Box No.2  260x260x110 mm
Cake Box No.3  28Ox280x110 mm
Custom printed cake boxes are produced minimum 1000 pieces.
Logo printed cake boxes are delivered in about 5-10 days.
Transparent cake boxes are made of pvc - acetate material. Transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a type of synthetic plastic polymer used to create rigid, transparent materials used for a variety of purposes. These materials are a durable, inexpensive and crystal clear plastic with many uses. It is also easy to customize and bend for Transparent Box manufactures.
The benefits of using cardboard boxes for cargo delivery include damage protection, cost-effectiveness, lightness, and customization for a variety of products.
No, cardboard boxes are cost effective and can be used for many different applications.
Yes, cardboard boxes are recyclable and reusable, making them a great way to minimize waste.
Yes, cardboard boxes can be sturdy and durable for long-term storage. They can be treated with special coatings to increase their durability.
Our company generally produces e-commerce boxes with standard dimensions such as 30x20x10 cm. However, we can produce boxes in different sizes upon request.
We offer custom printed e-commerce boxes to our customers. You can personalize your boxes with a variety of design options, such as your logo, brand colors or custom graphics.
Our corrugated boxes usually have a carrying capacity of 1 kg to 5 kg. We use corrugated cardboard in various thicknesses to meet your different strength requirements.
Printed e-commerce boxes are usually delivered within 7 to 15 business days after your design approval. Delivery time may vary depending on the quantity and density of the order.
Yes, all of our e-commerce boxes are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard. We adopt a sustainable approach and support environmental awareness.
The e-commerce boxes we produce are made of high quality corrugated cardboard and we prioritize durability. We offer sturdy and durable boxes to ensure your products are transported safely.
As Box Factory, we offer different packaging solutions such as cargo boxes, corrugated boxes, parcels and printed cargo boxes. We aim to meet the needs of our customers by offering a wide range of products.