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Cardboard Boxes: Ideal Packaging Solutions Where Elegance and Durability Meet

Cardboard boxes offer a perfect packaging option to protect and present your customers' products. As "Box Factory", we offer you various box solutions as a leading company in the wholesale cardboard box manufacturing sector in Turkey. Our product range covers a wide range from baklava boxes to cake boxes, from flower boxes to tassel boxes. We both wholesale to our domestic customers and export worldwide. Thanks to the high quality cardboard material used in our products and carefully designed production processes, we offer durable and stylish packaging solutions to our customers.

Baklava Boxes:
You do not want to compromise on elegance when presenting baklava, the most popular of our traditional desserts. At this point, as "Box Factory", we offer you a perfect solution with wholesale baklava boxes. Our boxes are produced in various sizes and designs to fully meet the needs of your customers. Additionally, our boxes are equipped with specially designed compartments, allowing the baklava to be stored without touching each other. With its stylish appearance and solid structure, it ensures that your baklava preserves its taste.

Cake Boxes:
It is very important for bakeries and those working in the pastry industry to transport and present products safely. As "Box Factory", we enable you to package and present your cakes in the best possible way with wholesale cake boxes. Our boxes of different sizes and shapes ensure that your cakes are not damaged and their presentation is eye-catching. Additionally, the durable structure of our boxes ensures that your cakes are protected and maintain their freshness for a long time.

Flower Boxes:
Flowers are one of the most beautiful gift options used to express emotions and celebrate special moments. As "Box Factory", we enable you to offer your customers a stylish and elegant gift with wholesale flower boxes. Our boxes protect your flowers while providing an aesthetic presentation. Thanks to our durable cardboard material, your flowers will not be damaged during transportation and they will maintain their freshness. Our flower boxes, which we produce in different sizes and designs, are an ideal packaging option for various types of flowers and bouquets.

Stamping Box:
Stamping boxes, which protect and enable you to present your special products, are another wholesale product we offer as "Box Factory". Our drafting boxes are produced with durable cardboard material and special design features. It provides an eye-catching presentation while minimizing the risk of damage while transporting your products. It allows your customers to experience your products first-hand and gain their appreciation.

As "Box Factory", we are in a leading position in the wholesale cardboard box manufacturing sector in Turkey. The baklava boxes, cake boxes, flower boxes, tassel boxes and many other products we produce are offered both wholesale to our domestic customers and exported worldwide. Our durable and aesthetic designs allow you to carry your products safely and make a stylish presentation. We are here for you as "Box Factory" for your wholesale cardboard box needs. If you want to impress your customers with quality and original packaging solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cardboard Box Wholesale KnowledgebaseCardboard Box Wholesale Knowledgebase

Our boxes are produced from cardboard, cardboard and coated materials. In addition, additional materials such as acetate and pvc are also used.
We produce cardboard boxes for many sectors such as food, electronic products, cake, flowers, cosmetics, toys and textiles.
We provide different sizes of cardboard boxes according to the needs of our customers. We can also produce in special sizes.
We offer various printing options such as offset printing, flexo printing and digital printing on our cardboard boxes. We can make customized prints according to the wishes of our customers.
Yes, we can make custom designed boxes. We can design boxes in accordance with our customers' requests and brand identities.
Of course, we are happy to meet your sample box requests. We can provide sample boxes to demonstrate the quality and suitability of our products.
You can customize your boxes with different sizes, colors, printing options, custom cuts and finishes. Our design team can realize the box designs you want in cooperation with you.
You can review our box models on our website or by visiting our company. In addition, our design team can offer you recommendations and help you determine the best cardboard box model for your needs.