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Cylinder Box Manufacturing

Box Factory is one of Turkey's leading cylinder box manufacturers. We provide high quality cylinder box solutions to both our domestic customers and customers around the world. With our wide range of products, we offer different types of products such as cardboard cylinder boxes, PVC cylinder boxes, cylinder flower boxes, top hat boxes, food cylinder boxes, printed cylinder boxes and wholesale cylinder boxes.

Cylinder boxes attract attention with their unique designs and versatile uses. At Box Factory, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with functional, durable and aesthetically appealing cylinder box solutions. Each of our products is made from high quality materials and manufactured with state-of-the-art production equipment.

Cardboard cylinder boxes provide ease of transportation and storage with their light structure. Thanks to its superior durability, it ensures safe storage and protection of your products. PVC cylinder boxes are a perfect option to display your products with their transparent materials. Cylinder flower boxes allow you to present your flowers elegantly with their stylish designs and special coatings.

Top hat boxes provide protection and presentation of hats. It offers an impressive experience to your customers thanks to its stylish and professional appearance. Cylinder food boxes, on the other hand, preserve the freshness and quality of your food products and attract the attention of your customers with their stylish packaging. Printed cylindrical boxes provide the perfect opportunity to make your brand stand out. You can make your products unique with customizable designs and creative printing options.

As Box Factory, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. We aim to meet each customer's expectations by offering customized cylinder box solutions to suit their needs. We carefully analyze your needs and work with high precision in the design and production processes. Our creative and experienced team strives to offer the best solutions to our customers with its technical knowledge and skills.

As Box Factory, we also have a strong presence in international markets. We are constantly expanding our export network to provide fast and reliable service to our customers worldwide. We are proud to have gained the trust of our customers at home and abroad.

Box Factory is a pioneer in the industry with its high quality cylinder box solutions. We are here to meet the needs of your business with our customer-oriented approach, technical knowledge and wide product range. You can visit our website to contact us or learn more about our products.

Cylinder Box Manufacturing KnowledgebaseCylinder Box Manufacturing Knowledgebase

Our most popular product is the Cylinder Box.
Cylinder Box is a cylindrical box used in various industries, especially gift items, promotional items, cosmetics and food.
Acetate Cylinder Box is especially preferred for displaying specially designed gift items or products.
We generally use cardboard, cardboard, PVC and special plastic materials in our productions.
Cylinder Cardboard Box is a product generally used for packaging maps, banners, cosmetics and promotional items.
Bottle Cylinder Box is a stylish and protective packaging of cylindrical shaped bottles, such as glass bottles, perfumes, liquors and other beverages.
PVC Cylinder Box is produced using transparent or colored PVC material and allows the product inside to be seen. It is a stylish packaging option especially for gift items.
Roll Box is a kind of cylindrical box that is generally used for packaging and protecting stationery, artwork, painting, paper or similar products in roll form.
Yes, Coffee Box Manufacturing is also among our services. We can produce specially designed cylindrical coffee cans.
The Cylinder Map Box is a box designed for the safe storage and transport of maps, posters or other cylindrical shaped documents.
Banner Box is generally preferred for safe and proper storage and transportation of banners used in the advertising and marketing industry.
The Cylinder Cosmetic Box is a box designed for stylish packaging and presentation of cosmetic products. It is generally preferred for deodorant, perfume, lipstick or creams.
The Cylinder Promotional Box is an ideal option for storing or presenting special promotional items. Can be customized with logos, brands or private messages.
Cylinder Food Box is a type of packaging used especially for the protection and presentation of biscuits, chocolate, nuts and similar food products. It is produced in accordance with food safety standards.