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Kraft Boxes: Wholesale Quality and Durability
Box Factory is a company specialized in wholesale kraft box manufacturing in Turkey. With our wide product range, we offer quality and durable box solutions to our customers both at home and around the world. We produce various types of kraft boxes to meet the needs of both our individual customers and businesses. Here are some of the kraft box types we offer as "Box Factory":

Printed Kraft Boxes: Printed kraft boxes, which are an effective way to promote your customers' products and increase brand awareness, are offered wholesale. Produced with high-quality printing techniques, these boxes give your products a professional appearance and also provide durability.

Custom Manufacturing Kraft Boxes: Custom manufacturing kraft boxes designed and produced for the specific needs of your customers are an excellent way to make your products unique. Whether in different sizes or shapes, our custom manufacturing boxes are designed to meet your customers' expectations.

Kraft Food Boxes: Kraft food boxes, specially designed for the food industry, allow you to keep your products fresh and safe. Produced in accordance with food safety standards, these boxes are available in bulk and are suitable for different types of food.

Kraft Menu Boxes: Ideal for restaurants, cafes and quick service businesses, kraft menu boxes offer a professional presentation to your customers. While it allows you to present your menus in an orderly and neat manner, it also reflects the visual identity of your brand.

Kraft Takeaway Boxes: For businesses that offer takeaway service, kraft takeaway boxes are the perfect solution for transporting and protecting your products. You can package your hot and cold foods safely and present them to your customers in a hygienic way.

Kraft Cargo Boxes: Kraft cargo boxes, which enable you to transport your products safely, have a durable and solid structure. These boxes, which are available wholesale, provide you with great convenience in your logistics processes.

Kraft Cylinder Boxes: Specially designed to preserve your cylindrical or tube-shaped products, kraft cylinder boxes offer a stylish appearance and ensure the protection of your products. These boxes, which can be produced in special sizes and designs, offer impressive packaging that will attract the attention of your customers.

Kraft Pizza Boxes: In the pizza industry, wholesale kraft pizza boxes are very popular. Thanks to its heat-resistant and breathable features, it preserves the freshness and taste of your pizzas while providing easy transportation.

Kraft Noodle Boxes: Specially designed to preserve your long and thin products such as noodles and pasta, kraft noodle boxes offer practical use. You can package your products regularly and provide convenience to your customers.

Kraft Noodle Boxes: You can use kraft noodle boxes to preserve and sell your thin products such as noodles. These specially designed boxes store and transport your products safely while also offering an aesthetic appearance.

Kraft Window Boxes: When you want to display your products and provide a visual experience to your customers, you can choose kraft window boxes. Thanks to its transparent windows, your customers can see and examine your products while also being assured of the durability of the box.

Kraft Cake Boxes: Ideal for patisseries and confectioners, kraft cake boxes protect your products while providing an aesthetic presentation. These specially designed boxes allow you to deliver your cakes and desserts to your customers without losing their freshness.

Kraft Cardboard Cups: You can use kraft cardboard cups to carry your hot and cold drinks. Thanks to its durable and leak-proof structure, it allows your customers to carry their drinks safely.

Kraft Salad Boxes: Specially designed for restaurants and cafes, kraft salad boxes are ideal for carrying your salads and other light foods. While preserving the freshness of the ingredients inside, it also offers practical use.

Kraft Potato Boxes: Kraft potato boxes, which are indispensable for fast food restaurants and cafes, are a perfect option to carry and present your french fries. Thanks to its heat-resistant structure and durable design, it preserves the temperature and freshness of your products.

As "Box Factory", we are proud to offer all these kraft box types to our customers wholesale. We use quality materials and professional manufacturing processes to meet our customers' expectations and ensure the safe transportation of their products. You can visit our website to get more information about our products or to place an order. As "Box Factory", which attaches importance to customer satisfaction, we are here to offer you the best service.

Kraft Box Wholesale KnowledgebaseKraft Box Wholesale Knowledgebase

Among the printed kraft boxes we produce, there are custom made boxes, food boxes, menu boxes, takeaway boxes and cargo boxes.
Our custom-made kraft boxes are boxes designed and personalized according to the needs of our customers. We can tailor specifications such as size, shape and print design to our customers' requests.
Our Kraft food boxes are produced from kraft cardboard, a material that is robust and allows food safety standards. These boxes are ideal for the safe packaging and transportation of food.
Our Kraft menu boxes are available in different sizes and designs. Specially designed for businesses such as restaurants and cafes, these boxes provide a stylish and professional presentation of menus.
Yes definitely! Our Kraft takeaway boxes are ideal for restaurants, cafes and other food service businesses. It helps your customers safely pack and deliver their orders.
Our Kraft cylinder boxes are specifically designed for the safe transport and storage of posters, documents, maps and other cylindrical shaped items. They can be produced in different sizes and diameters according to the needs.
Our Kraft pizza boxes are ideal for maintaining the temperature of pizzas as they have high temperature resistance. However, the temperature holding time may vary depending on external factors and the unique characteristics of the pizza.
Yes of course! Our Kraft noodle boxes are specially designed for restaurants and takeaway businesses. These boxes provide practical packaging and presentation of noodles and other Asian foods.
Our Kraft noodle boxes are produced in accordance with food safety and hygienic standards. Our material selection, manufacturing process and quality control guidelines enable us to offer hygienic products to our customers.
Yes definitely! Our Kraft window boxes have a transparent window that allows the products inside to be seen. This feature is ideal for displaying and promoting products.
Certainly! We can customize our Kraft cake boxes with your brand's logo, colors or custom designs. It allows your customers to present your cake or other sweet products in an authentic way.
Yes, our kraft paper cups have a special coating and provide sealing property. In this way, it prevents hot and cold drinks from leaking out and provides a practical experience for users.