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Metal Boxes: Where Elegance and Durability Meet
Metal boxes are special packaging solutions that stand out with both their stylish appearance and durability. As Kutu Factory, a company specialized in wholesale metal box manufacturing in Turkey, we offer various metal box options to our domestic and international customers. Our products include metal soap boxes, metal perfume boxes, metal cream boxes, metal cigar boxes, metal tobacco boxes, metal coffee boxes, metal tea boxes, metal candy boxes, metal chocolate boxes, custom printed metal boxes, metal biscuit boxes, metal baklava boxes. There are various options such as metal piggy banks, metal pen holders and metal trays.

We work devotedly to achieve excellent results by using the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process. Each metal box is an ideal solution to protect your products with its solid and durable structure. Additionally, thanks to its stylish designs, it creates a visual impact by highlighting your products. While we offer special discounts to our customers who want to buy wholesale, we also ensure on-time delivery by keeping our production capacity at the maximum level.

Each of our metal boxes is designed to serve different purposes. Metal soap boxes are ideal for storing your soaps in a hygienic and aesthetic way. Metal perfume boxes protect your perfumes while providing an elegant presentation. Metal cream boxes keep your cosmetic products such as creams and lotions fresh and effective. Metal cigar and tobacco boxes add an elegant atmosphere as well as keeping the products they contain fresh.

As Box Factory, we also make a difference with the special printing options of our metal boxes. We enable our customers to apply their brands and logos on metal boxes. This allows you to increase your brand value by making your products unique.

Offering special advantages to our wholesale customers is our priority to strengthen our cooperation. We have attractive pricing policies for wholesale metal box purchases and large orders. The quality and durability of our products are important features that are never compromised, even in wholesale purchases.

If you need original and high-quality metal boxes, we, as Box Factory, are ready to offer you the best service. Protect your products and present them in style with our wholesale metal boxes. Don't forget to visit our website for detailed information and orders.

Metal box KnowledgebaseMetal box Knowledgebase

We can produce boxes of different sizes according to customer demand. In addition to standard sizes, we can also provide customized sizes of metal cans.
Yes, we can make special prints on our metal boxes upon request. We can apply our customers' logos, brand names or other designs to our boxes.
Our boxes appeal to a wide variety of industries. For example, we produce metal soap boxes, metal perfume boxes and metal cream boxes for the cosmetics industry. We also offer metal cigar boxes and metal tobacco boxes for the tobacco industry, metal coffee cans, metal tea cans, metal candy cans and metal chocolate boxes for the food industry. In addition, products such as metal piggy banks, metal pen holders and metal trays can be used in different sectors.
Our boxes are extremely durable as they are produced from quality metal materials. The metal material provides a solid structure to protect your products and ensures long-term use.
Yes, we allow our customers to customize the design of the boxes. We can apply different shapes, patterns, prints and coatings to your boxes in line with your wishes.
Our metal boxes can be impressive and functional tools in brand promotions. For example, you can fill our custom printed metal boxes with promotional items as gifts to customers or use them for promotional purposes at fairs and events. You can leave an unforgettable impression by printing your logo or brand on your boxes.