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Pizza Box

History of pizza

Pizza is believed to have been invented in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. It is made from a simple dough of wheat flour, salt, water and yeast and is topped with tomatoes and cheese. The traditional tomato, mozzarella and basil toppings known as Margherita pizza are thought to have been invented by a Neapolitan pizzeria named Raffaele Esposito in 1889, during the visit of King Umberto I of Italy and Queen Margherita. Pizza quickly gained popularity and spread to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Pizza chains such as Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's began to appear in the 1950s. Frozen pizza became popular in the 1970s. Today, pizza is one of the world's most beloved foods, with an estimated 3 billion pizzas sold each year.

Interesting facts about pizza

1. The world's largest pizza was made in Rome in December 2012 and was 13,000 square feet in size. 2. An average of 350 slices of pizza are consumed per second in the USA. 3. The world's most expensive pizza is made with caviar, carefully selected lobster and 24-carat gold flakes and sells for $2,700. 4. 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. 5. The average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year. 6. According to one study, the most popular condiment in the United States is pepperoni. 7. In the USA, October is known as National Pizza Month. 8. Hawaiian pizza, the signature dish of pineapple and ham, was invented in Canada. 9. Pizza delivery was founded by Domino's Pizza in Texas in 1960. 10. Cheese pizza is sometimes used as fish bait.

Things to consider when delivering pizza.

1. Temperature: An important factor to consider in pizza delivery is ensuring the pizza stays hot and fresh. Insulated pizza bags can help keep the pizza at the right temperature and prevent sogginess.

2. Packaging: Pizza should be properly packaged to ensure it is safe and will not spill or get crushed during transportation.

3. Cleanliness: Cleanliness and hygiene are important issues when delivering pizza. Pizza delivery drivers must always wear clean uniforms and gloves when preparing and delivering pizzas.

4. Speed: Pizza delivery drivers should strive to deliver pizzas on time and on time to keep customers satisfied and coming back.

5. Customer Service: Pizza delivery drivers should always be courteous and friendly when dealing with customers.

6. Safety: Pizza delivery drivers must always follow safety practices to avoid putting themselves or the pizzas at risk. Drivers must be properly trained to drive safely and obey traffic rules.

Pizza dimensions, what are the pizza box dimensions?

1. Small Pizza Box - 6 " x 6" x 2.5"
2. Medium Pizza Box - 8" x 8" x 2.5"
3. Large Pizza Box - 14" x 14" x 2.5"
4. Extra Large Pizza Box - 16" x 16" x2.5"

Pizza box types.

1. Standard pizza boxes: These boxes are designed with a rectangular shape and an open top to make it easier to cut and serve the pizza inside. These boxes are ideal for pizzerias looking for affordable and durable box options.

2. Insulated pizza boxes: These pizza boxes are designed to keep pizza warm for longer. They are usually made of thick cardboard and insulated with a foam lining that ensures the pizza stays warm until it reaches its final destination.

3. Foldable pizza boxes: These boxes are designed to be recycled after each use. They are ideal for takeaway pizzas because they are lightweight and can be easily folded and stored in the customer's bag.

4. Eco-friendly pizza boxes: These boxes are made of recyclable material and are designed to be environmentally friendly. They are often made from materials such as cardboard, cardboard and recycled plastic.

Corrugated cardboard types and pizza.

1. Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard: This type of cardboard is usually made from two layers of cardboard with a single layer of fluting and is ideal for light pizzas.

2. Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard: This type of cardboard is heavier than single wall and is made from two layers of cardboard and two layers of corrugated cardboard. Perfect for heavy pizzas.

3. Triple Wall Corrugated Cardboard: This type of cardboard is the heaviest and consists of three layers of cardboard and three layers of corrugated cardboard. Ideal for large pizzas.

Unprinted pre-made pizza boxes

Pre-prepared pizza boxes are becoming increasingly popular among pizza restaurants looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver and store their pizzas. These boxes are ideal for organizations looking to save time and money on pizza delivery services. These ready-made pizza boxes are usually made of cardboard and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are strong and sturdy yet lightweight, making them ideal transporters for pizza.

The best thing about ready-made pizza boxes is that they do not require printing or customer automation, meaning they can be used quickly and are easy to store and transport. The boxes are designed to keep pizza hot and fresh for as long as possible, making them the perfect choice for pizzerias who want to deliver the perfect slice every time. The boxes usually come flat-packed, meaning they take up less storage space and are easier to transport than traditional pizza boxes.

These boxes are also cost-effective as they are usually much cheaper than custom-made boxes. This savings in time and cost makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking for an efficient and economical solution to pizza delivery services.

Printed pizza boxes

Printed pizza boxes are becoming increasingly popular among pizza restaurants looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to differentiate their products from their competitors. These boxes are printed with the organization's logo or branding, making them easily identifiable. This can help build and strengthen customer loyalty as well as visually remind them to buy.

Printed pizza boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles and are usually made of strong and sturdy cardboard. This ensures that the pizza arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it left the restaurant. The boxes also help keep the pizza warm during transportation and come with a special heat-insulated lid that helps maintain its freshness and flavor longer.

Printed pizza boxes are also very cost effective as they are generally much cheaper than bespoke boxes. This savings in time and cost makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking to promote and advertise their products.

Printed pizza boxes are a great way for businesses to stand out from the competition and promote their products. They are affordable, easy to store and transport, and can help build customer loyalty. These boxes are a great choice for businesses looking to make their mark in pizza delivery.

Pizza Box KnowledgebasePizza Box Knowledgebase

We produce pizza boxes in different sizes and models, with rich print types and designs that highlight the brand of the pizza, for pizza boxes suitable for use in takeaways and restaurants. The pizza box requires a special packaging technique as it can absorb moisture and oil from the pizza. Recycling is also easy thanks to disposable pizza boxes.
Corrugated cardboards are cut, coated and folded as standard. Pizza boxes whose shape and size are determined are designed. Pizza boxes are designed in appropriate sizes by making the desired printing. We offer our customers corrugated pizza box options with material, cutting and printing options suitable for their pizza box preferences. Did you know that pizza boxes without food grade certification should not come into direct contact with the pizza? All of our pizza boxes are certified food grade, so they are suitable for contact with food.
Pizza box sizes are produced according to the pizza size. Sizes vary for small, medium, large, double pizzas. For example; the smallest 16X16X5 cm pizza box can be produced. In addition, there are many box sizes such as 20X14X4, 30X30X8. After determining your pizza box dimensions, our company will produce for you according to the box dimensions.
Pizza boxes are used in pizzerias and fast food restaurants that sell pizza.
Yes, pizza boxes are recyclable. However, there are some important points to consider for the recycling process. Pizza boxes are recyclable as they are made of cardboard. However, certain conditions must be met for them to be eligible for recycling.
No, the pizza box should not be put in the oven. Since pizza boxes are made of cardboard material, they can burn and emit smoke when exposed to high heat. This can both damage the inside of the oven and pose a health risk.
Yes, you can reheat leftover pizza, but you have to do it carefully. Here are the steps to properly heat the pizza:

Remove the pizza from the box: Remove the pizza from the box before placing the pizza box in the oven or microwave. Cardboard box is not suitable for oven or microwave oven.

Oven method: Place the pizza on a baking tray or baking paper to heat in the oven. Preheat the oven and select the appropriate heat setting. Generally, a temperature between 180-200°C will suffice. Heat the pizza in the oven for about 5-10 minutes, the time may vary depending on the temperature and thickness of the pizza.

Microwave method: To heat in the microwave, place the pizza on a microwave-compatible plate. You can maintain the humidity of the pizza by placing a glass of water in the middle of the pizza. Reduce heating time and heat the pizza for 1-2 minutes by heating it in the microwave on low or medium.
There are several reasons why pizza boxes are square or rectangular, such as practicality and ease of transport. Square or rectangular pizza boxes have been developed over the years and have become one of the most convenient packaging widely used in the pizza industry. They are preferred in terms of practicality, functionality and cost effectiveness.