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Plastic Injection Boxes are one of the products produced by the Box Factory. These are an advanced solution that allows simple plastic boxes to offer extra uses. Injection boxes are produced by the plastic prototyping method. Box Factory has established its production of accurate plastic prototyping products as the most respected plastic case manufacturer in the world.

Plastic injection boxes are long-lasting and lightweight. This makes the boxes easier to transport and store. Plastic injection boxes can be produced with many materials, making them an ideal product for handling, protection, transportation and packaging.

Box Factory also produces printed plastic boxes. You can choose to customize these products for customers. Since printed plastic boxes are designed in various shapes and motifs, they can be used for various purposes of self-expression and experimentation. Additionally, printed boxes can also be used for promotions, marketing and sales.

In addition to the plastic injection and printed boxes of the Box Factory, it also produces yoghurt buckets, cream boxes and drill bit boxes. These are all quality and safe products. It should also be added that these products contain compounds that provide excellent food preservation.

Box Factory continues to improve its efforts to provide quality products to its customers. It continues to offer proprietary designs for customers all over the world. In addition, it continues to constantly follow and keep up-to-date with ever-changing technology so that the boxes maintain their remarkable and attractive appearance.

Box Factory is Turkey's leading plastic box manufacturer. We use our 26 years of experience to meet all the needs of customers to serve design, production and distribution with the right materials and state-of-the-art products.

Our product range is a wide range such as plastic injection boxes, drill bit boxes, yoghurt buckets, cream boxes and printed plastic boxes.

Box Factory has adopted all standards and procedures as a principle in order to provide good products to our customers under all conditions. All our products are delivered under a 100% guarantee of zero defects. The products being prepared are tested to check the latest quality standards of our customers.

Box Factory exports to the whole world and we guarantee that every export order is closely monitored and kept under control. It is our desire to ship the products within 3 days and ensure perfect delivery.

Box Factory understands you and your needs in the best way. We are committed to satisfying you with the most affordable price, unconditional quality and customer loyalty.

Plastic Box Manufacturing KnowledgebasePlastic Box Manufacturing Knowledgebase

Among the transparent PVC boxes we produce, there are varieties such as acetate box, transparent cylinder box, printed PVC box, PVC lid box, transparent PVC box, PVC window box, transparent product box, transparent shoe box, transparent cosmetic perfume box, electronic box.
Our products are used in various industries. These include retail, cosmetics, electronics, footwear, souvenirs and many more.
Our products are made of high quality PVC material. This material is durable, flexible and transparent, so our boxes are durable and ideal for protecting the products inside.
Yes, we export all over the world. We use international shipping methods to deliver our products safely and on time.
Our clear cylinder boxes are ideal for a variety of products. It can be used especially in the presentation of products such as chocolate, candy, toys, candles, candle holders and promotional products.
Our transparent shoe boxes are produced in various sizes. We offer boxes of different sizes according to the size of the shoes. You can choose the one that suits you or we can determine the dimensions according to your special requests.
As Box Factory, we export to our customers around the world. We export our products to Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and many other countries. The export network has a wide and global scope.
As the Box Factory, we produce plastic injection boxes, drill bit boxes, yogurt buckets, cream boxes and printed plastic boxes."
Our plastic injection boxes are made of high quality and durable plastic material. We can manufacture in different sizes and shapes. We can also optionally print or label.
We produce different capacities for yogurt buckets. We usually offer standard capacities such as 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 kilo and 5 kilo, but we can also manufacture customized sizes according to customer demands.
Our drill bit boxes are specially designed to safely store and protect drill bits. Our boxes are made of hard plastic material, and thanks to the compartments they contain, they keep the drill bits organized and protect them from scratches.
Our cream boxes are generally made of plastic material. This plastic material provides a suitable barrier to store your products in a way that preserves their freshness and quality. It also allows you to show your brand or logo information on the boxes thanks to its printable surfaces.
We generally use screen printing or digital printing methods in our printed plastic boxes. With these methods, we can print the designs you want or your brand information on the boxes in a clear and high quality way.

Plastic injection is the process of melting plastic raw materials and injecting them into a mold. This process is widely used to mold plastic materials into desired shapes and to enable mass production of various plastic products.

Plastic injection process is performed with automatic or semi-automatic injection machines. The process usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Plastic material preparation: Plastic granules or powders are put into the hopper or hopper in the injection machine. These materials will be used for heating and melting.
  2. Material melting: Plastic materials are heated and melted by a screw (or propeller) in the cylinder. This molten plastic becomes ready to be injected into the mold.
  3. Injection process: The prepared molten plastic is injected into the mold under high pressure with an injection plunger or screw. This process allows the plastic material to completely fill the cavity inside the mold.
  4. Cooling and hardening: The injected plastic is left to cool in the mold. When the plastic cools down, it hardens and takes the desired shape.
  5. Removal of the part: The plastic product that has hardened in the mold is removed from the mold and cleaned. Then it becomes ready for use.

Plastic injection enables mass and precise production of plastic products. With this method, various plastic products such as toys, household appliances, automotive parts, medical devices, packaging materials can be produced. Therefore, the injection molding method is an important technology that is widely used in the modern manufacturing industry.