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Velvet Box Wholesale

Box Factory: The Perfect Address for Wholesale Velvet Boxes
Velvet, as an elegant and luxurious material, has been preferred for storing valuable items for centuries. Therefore, as Kutu Factory, we are proud to serve as Turkey's leading wholesale velvet box manufacturer. We provide excellent quality products to our customers both domestically and globally.

Wholesale Velvet Jewelry Boxes
Velvet jewelry boxes are an ideal option for storing your jewelry safely and elegantly. As Box Factory, we offer wholesale velvet jewelry boxes in various sizes and designs to our customers. Each of our boxes is lined with high quality velvet fabrics to protect your precious jewelry. At the same time, they are a premium option that will impress your customers with their stylish appearance.

Gift Velvet Boxes
When choosing a special gift, it is important to consider the presentation. As Box Factory, we meet this need with wholesale gift velvet boxes. Each box is designed to reflect the value it holds at the time of a special gift celebration. Whether it is jewelry, watches or other valuable items, our velvet gift boxes will help you provide an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

Velvet Jewelry Boxes
If you are looking for a stylish and functional solution to display or store your jewelry, our wholesale velvet jewelry boxes are just for you. Our velvet fabrics add an elegant touch to your jewelry, highlighting and protecting them. By offering many different size and style options, we enable you to find the most suitable velvet jewelry box to suit your customers' and your own tastes.

Flocked Boxes
Flocked boxes give a luxurious feeling by using flocked fabric, which is a lightweight material that attracts attention with its unique texture. As Box Factory, we offer our customers a different option with wholesale flocked boxes. These boxes are ideal for jewellery, gifts, watches and many other valuables. Available in different colors and sizes, our flock boxes allow you to present your products safely and stylishly.

As Box Factory, we are a team specialized in wholesale velvet box production. We carefully select materials and use modern production techniques to offer our customers the highest quality products. Our wholesale gives us the opportunity to offer our customers high quality products at affordable prices. You can satisfy your customers in an impressive way by supplying your wholesale velvet boxes from the Box Factory.

Velvet Box Wholesale KnowledgebaseVelvet Box Wholesale Knowledgebase

"Box Factory", jewelry box, ring box, earring box, clamp box, panset box, bracelet box, set box, necklace box, bracelet box, light ring box, magnetic jewelry boxes, drawer jewelry boxes, jewelry cardboard bag, wedding ring box We manufacture various products such as watch box, rosary box, jewelry box and velvet box.
Our products are generally produced from velvet and cardboard materials. These materials are ideal for making stylish and durable jewelry boxes.
As "Box Factory", we export our products to all countries of the world. We are experienced in shipping to international customers.
Production times can often vary depending on the product and the size of the order. Our average production time ranges from 10 days to 30 days.
Yes, we can offer custom designed boxes to our customers. We can customize features such as size, color and printing according to their wishes.
Delivery time may vary depending on shipping and logistics factors in addition to production time. Generally, the average delivery time ranges from 1 week to 3 weeks.
Yes, we can print special logos and brands on our products. Thus, you can ensure that your customers remember your brand and increase its awareness.
We offer our customers various color and type options in our velvet fabrics. They can choose velvet in different colors and patterns according to their wishes.
The pricing of our products is determined by factors such as production time, material type, product type and quantity. We take care to offer competitive and fair prices to our customers.
Of course, you can see the assortment in the showroom or request a sample box to see the quality and design of our products. For sample box requests, simply contact our customer service.