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Wooden box

Wooden boxes are products produced using materials such as wood and MDF. It is among the first choices in quality luxury product packaging.

What material are wooden boxes made of?
To be used for box manufacturing We can summarize the materials as follows:
- Mdf
- Poplar tree
- Birch tree
- Walnut tree - and similar tree types.

Where are Wooden Boxes used?
These types of boxes have a wide range of uses. They can be used for bottled products such as olive oil and wine. Additionally, promotion products, jewelry box, toy box, home accessories, stationery products, desserts baklava box appeals to various sectors such as tobacco products boxes such as cigars.

What are the wooden box models?
Wooden boxes can be produced in unlimited models and purposes according to the model and material. Depending on the needs of the product to be placed inside, it may be separator, sponge, fabric inner lining. It can be a wooden box with a window. Polish type and color, accessories such as handle clips can be determined. For logo printing as branding, printing can be done with silk screen printing, UV printing or laser burning.

Wooden boxes are a very attractive alternative for many users who are looking for a better quality experience, a longer lifespan and better designs. Kutu Factory constantly improves itself and offers innovative products to provide professional solutions to get excellent results with the quality you achieve.

Box Factory has many products, from classic wooden boxes to cut labels, special prints, wooden box models, laser prints and gift boxes. We offer something for every taste and everything. Everything comes down to creating custom designs for you.

We offer customers excellent enameled and decorative designs of all our wooden box products included. Custom designs serving customers is very easy, fast and easy. The Box Factory adheres to rigorous manufacturing processes to deliver products that are each custom designed. In doing so, we always take our feedback into account to ensure that each of our wooden box products meets the highest quality standards.

Box Factory is very precise with all our wooden box materials and to achieve a professional result we put them through silicone rain tests, numerous tests in the quality laboratory and finally our wooden box products ordered tests by our customer. To ensure efficient distribution of all our wooden box products, it is important that they are not damaged during any transportation. Therefore, we ship our products in safe hands thanks to precise labeling, packaging and labeling processes.

Box Factory's wooden box products stand out with their commitment to sustainability, quality and designs. The excellent service, excellent quality and excellent designs we provide to our customers return to us as an indicator of our success among users. Each of our customers are satisfied with Box Factory's custom wooden box products, giving their custom box solutions five stars.

Wooden box KnowledgebaseWooden box Knowledgebase

"Box Factory" custom wooden boxes, laser printed wooden boxes, MDF boxes, wooden book boxes, wooden olive oil boxes, wooden gift boxes, wooden hobby boxes, wooden wine boxes, wooden honey boxes, birch boxes, poplar wooden boxes, walnut wood manufactures a variety of products such as boxes, wooden menu containers and laser-printed wooden boxes.
Our wooden olive oil boxes are made of durable wood material and have an inner lining that helps maintain the freshness and quality of your olive oil. Our boxes, which have an aesthetic appearance, are ideal for presenting special gift options to your customers.
As the Box Factory, we have boxes made of birch, poplar and walnut wood. Each type of tree has different characteristics and our customers can choose depending on their preference.
Wooden menu container is a product specially designed for restaurants and hotels. It allows you to present your menus in style and enables you to offer your customers an elegant dining experience. Moreover, it can be customized with laser printing optionally.
Our wooden hobby boxes are ideal for people who are into crafts or need a dedicated storage space for their hobby. These boxes can be used to neatly store beads, sewing supplies, crayons or other hobby supplies.
Our wooden wine boxes are usually designed for a single bottle of wine. However, we can also produce boxes in different sizes and capacities upon request. So you can safely transport or gift any amount of wine you want.
There is a wide selection of designs available in our laser-printed wooden boxes. Depending on your wishes, personalized texts, logos, pictures or patterns can be engraved on our boxes with laser printing technique. So you can personalize your products and reflect your brand or special events.
Yes, our wooden honey boxes are produced in accordance with hygienic and food safety standards. The wood material has a natural antimicrobial property and helps keep your honey fresh. In addition, thanks to its inner lining, our boxes allow you to safely store your honey.
Yes, "Box Factory" exports all over the world. We offer international shipping options to our customers abroad to safely ship our products. In this way, we sell our products all over the world.