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In the boxing of some products, it is desirable to see how the product is. Many people experience this. Because some products that are boxed are disposable. This is particularly common in the food industry. For example, chestnut candy, regret, Turkish delight. Since these products are for consumption, the consumer wants to buy what he sees best for himself. Sometimes showing some of the product inside is part of the product presentation. For example, souvenirs, flowers in a windowed box, chocolate presentation. Finally, sometimes a better understanding of the product is needed. This is generally the case in the cosmetics industry. Since the pigmentation of the products is important, boxes with windows are preferred. For example, fake nail box, eyeshadow palette cover, highlighter/ contour palette cover.

What are Windowed Boxes?
"Box with window", which is a creative name, makes one ask what are boxes with windows as soon as it is heard because of its interestingness. The windowed box is used for purposes such as selecting the product, understanding it, providing ease of marketing, and being used as a presentation tool. Boxes that provide the opportunity to see the product by covering a certain part of the box with thin, transparent plastic, transparent rigid PVC, and glass are boxes with windows. It is widely used especially in the cosmetics and food industry.

How Are Windowed Boxes Made?
How to make these fun window boxes is actually very simple. It is sufficient to remove a part of the box made for the product in the desired shape and replace it with a transparent material. This material used can be transparent rigid PVC or glass or transparent thin flexible plastic paper. Generally, transparent thin flexible plastic paper is preferred.

Where Are Windowed Boxes Used?
As stated in the previous paragraphs, boxes with windows are most often preferred in the cosmetics and food sectors. In the cosmetics industry, the color of the product is both a good marketing element and the purpose of purchasing the product. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the product. In the food sector, it is preferred especially for dry and boxed foods. In fact, in the food sector, it is often possible to see a part of the product inside. However, it is more preferred in foods that are suitable for dispersion or want to increase appetite with its appearance. In other words, the list of the question of where to use boxes with windows is quite long.

What are the Dimensions of the Windowed Boxes?
As it is understood, boxes with windows are produced specifically for the product. Therefore, the dimensions of the window boxes are based on the characteristics of the product. Therefore, a certain size cannot be mentioned, it depends on the product.

Is Windowed Boxes Wholesale?
As with every product, of course, boxes with windows are also wholesaled. The quantity specified in the order is delivered in bulk within the time of the box.

How is Windowed Boxes Manufactured?
In the factory, the production of windowed boxes is carried out with raw materials in the size, shape, printing, and printing specified in the order. Quality is not compromised during production.

How Much Are Windowed Boxes Prices?
Since windowed boxes are specific to the product and are produced to order, there are no windowed boxes prices. It is not valued at a fixed price. The offer is evaluated and the price is presented.

Our window cake boxes are produced from high quality and durable cardboard, with PVC window or cellophane window.
Transparent and scratch-resistant PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) windows are used in our windowed product boxes. Cellophane window is used depending on the situation.
Yes, our windowed food boxes comply with hygienic and food safety standards.
Our window macaron boxes can be produced in different sizes. Capacity varies depending on box dimensions, for example, Y tubing can fit in X box.
Yes, as the Box Factory, we can produce with windows as well as metal boxes.
Yes, logo or brand design can be made on our windowed product boxes depending on your request.
Of course, as the Box Factory, you can wholesale our window cake boxes. You can contact our customer service for more information about the quantity and your special requests.
Yes, the lids of our window food boxes are airtight so your food stays fresh for a long time.